With a full set of features operating with a powerful 64-bit embedded platform, the ShowCase IFN50 PRO is the most powerful and reliable implementer of functions available to the ISDB-T transmission systems.


Functions Implementer

The Showcase PRO IFN50 is a broadcast category product for the mandatory inclusion of typical functions of an ISDB-T system, typically generated by the additional multiplexers existing on the market. This equipment incorporates state of the art technology, being developed in order to fill in the market gaps operability, reliability, ease of maintenance and compliance of signaling data in ISDB-T Digital TV environments of high performance and mission critical.

The ShowCase PRO IFN50 delivery elegant and efficient way the most of the possibilities for an interactive digital transmission and can operate with any Multiplexer ISDB-T that can entry into transport stream (or TS). Using an unique and innovative 64-bit full architecture, involving hardware, operating system and control software, the ShowCase PRO IFN50 can process twice as much information in a single cycle, compared to a typical 32-bit system, dramatically increasing the speed of I / O operations, calculations and many other routines involved in the entire computational process.

For almost don’t use moving parts to wear out, the equipment has a mean time between failures (MTBF) very high, greatly reducing the need for maintenance. In case of power failure there is no risk of damage to the recorded data. The return of the output signal occurs automatically in a few seconds after the restart.


  • Service signaling (SI) adherent to the ABNT NBR 15603, with editing and generation of the following SI tables and their required and optional descriptors: NIT, CAT, PAT, SDT, PMT, TOT, BIT, EIT, AIT, SDTT and CDT .
  • Interactivity (Ginga) in accordance with the ABNT NBR 15603 and ABNT NBR 15606.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in accordance with ABNT NBR 15603, including the H-EIT types, M-EIT and L-EIT and all mandatory and optional descriptors.
  • Closed Captions (Closed Caption) in accordance with ABNT NBR 15606-1, with transcoder CEA-608 standards, CEA-708 and ABNT15610-1.
  • Receivers Update (ADO) in accordance with ABNT NBR 15606.
  • General and complete adherence to the ABNT NBR 15608-3 recommendation.
  • Multi-programming (independent content) for the features of EPG, Ginga, Closed Caption and OAD.
  • Scheduling and task automation for dynamic update EPG and Ginga.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 437 x 249 x 43 mm (17.2″ x 9.8″ x 1 RU)
  • Weight: 4,6 kg
  • Power Supply: 200 W, low noise
  • 1 SDI (BNC, 75 ohms, 525i59.94)
  • 3 SDI (BNC, 75 ohms, 525i59.94, opcional)
  • 3 HD-SDI (BNC, 75 ohms, 1080i59.94, opcional)
  • 1 CVBS (BNC, opcional)
  • 1 Ethernet Gigabit (RJ-45, 10/100/1G)
  • 1 RS232 (DB-9)
  • 1 AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 3A max.
  • 1 DVB-ASI (BNC, 75 ohms) @ 29.958.294 bps, TSP 188 bytes
  • Ethernet Gigabit (RJ-45, 10/100/1G)
  • Temperatura: 0ºC a 35ºC
  • Umidade relativa: 0% a 80% (sem condensação)
  • Interface Gráfica Web (HTTP)
  • SNMP

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